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Societies Awards 2019

Wednesday 27th March 2019 - CIT Student Centre


The award recipients were announced at the CIT Societies Awards presentation evening on Wednesday 27th March from 5.45pm in the Student Centre.  Special guest speaker Molly Lynch.

Society committee officers plus a guest are  invited to attend. Each committee officer is presented with a Certificate of Merit for their contribution to CIT. A limited number of free tickets are available for any CIT student to attend. 

Email for more details.












Society Awards

  • Society of the Year
  • Best Academic Society
  • Best New Society
  • Most Improved Society                                                                                                                           
  • Rísam Uile Award                                                                                                                                    

Society Event Awards

  • Supreme Event
  • Best Small Event

Each society that wishes to apply for an Award should completes the form with details of  events, activities and reports from the year to be submitted to the societies office. Their portfolio can be submitted as part of the awards submission.


Individual Awards

  • Supreme Individual
  • Individual Awards
  • Best Fresher

Award Winners 2019



















BICS National Societies Awards - 11th April 2019


BICS National Societies Awards will take place on April 11th in Athlone in the Sheraton Hotel. CIT will be represented by some of the CIT Societies Awards receipients.  These will include:

  • Society of the Year
  • Best Event
  • Most Improved Society
  • Best New Society
  • Supreme Individual
  • Best Fresher

There are 3 awards that are direct entry, i.e. your society can apply right now directly to BICS.

  1. Best Mental Health Promoting Event Award
  2. Best Intervarsity Award
  3. Green Initative

Enter on the BICS Website

There are a further 4 awards that are entered as CIT nominees. It would be a great opportunity to gain recognition on a National level for a particular aspect of your society activity during the year.  Download an entry form and return it to CIT Societies Office by Friday 29th March. One CIT nominee will be chosen by the Societies Office to be entered to BICS 2019!

Perhaps your PRO did a smashing job on a particular poster, or you have a photograph that captures the essence of Societies!!!


Our BICS Winners 2019

CIT LGBT* Society - Best Civic/Charitable

Nuttawud Nutchanat - Supreme Individual


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